Photos: Beautiful flowers that look like a vagina

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Guess which of these flowers are males and females…



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14 thoughts on “Photos: Beautiful flowers that look like a vagina

  1. wayne

    my wife believes that image #16 is “shopped”. is this a real lily and, if so, what is it called? it looks remarkably human :)

  2. Rob

    The ones that look like pussy lips guaranteed are pussy lips photo shopped in. Some are flowers though, the ones that aren’t obvious. Some flowers do have a suggestive shape to them but they don’t actually look like something you could pull out of the ground, take home and slide your junk in otherwise you’d see these things growing in pots in the window of Every man alive. #4,8,13,14,20 and 22 are all real flowers the rest are obviously photo shopped.

  3. steve anderson

    In one version of the Bible (King James?) in the book of the Song of Solomon, which is about lovers, the man is “browsing among the lilies”, browsing is associated with eating and lilies are flowers. But . . .
    the Bible also says “The marriage bed is undefiled”, this implies that outside of marriage such things are not good and can even be a perversion. Of all things sex is perhaps the most beautiful and yet can conversely be perverted the most to something else, therefore it requires discernment, a term that people today seem to be ignorant of. Sex like an axe is a neutral item, you can build a house with an axe or kill someone with it. You can love someone in a sexual relationship or hurt someone with it if it lacks one of the missing ingredients of marriage: Love, Commitment, Intimacy. (If it is without love, without the commitment of marriage or if the marriage DOESN”T have such closeness). I t is very interesting how the scriptures take a subject that is often misused and show it in the right manner in a beautiful poetic way that is very loving, by relating it to a flower. Gee, . . . maybe the book is the truth !

  4. Nad Racnipo

    these images r indeed photoshopped; in a few cases nicely. objectively viewing th human body as th profound work of art that God makes requires sincere study with Him in mind as one’s guide. th vulva and vagina is,of course, highly personal but can be viewed as art as there is often a flowery resemblance. when viewd that way many vulvas reveal that God creates tremendous beauty in his works of functionality. when one contemplates that this is also th doorway to birth, th mind and heart r truly overwhelmed.


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