Photos: Beautiful flowers that look like a vagina

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Guess which of these flowers are males and females…



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Journalist and speaker Kaanayo Nwachukwu is widely published in mainstream and online media. He is the author of the highly acclaimed memoir “A Dream of Canada: An Incredible Story of Struggle and Overcoming.” Nwachukwu is acknowledged as Nigeria’s foremost social media activist and strategist.

8 thoughts on “Photos: Beautiful flowers that look like a vagina

  1. wayne

    my wife believes that image #16 is “shopped”. is this a real lily and, if so, what is it called? it looks remarkably human :)

  2. Rob

    The ones that look like pussy lips guaranteed are pussy lips photo shopped in. Some are flowers though, the ones that aren’t obvious. Some flowers do have a suggestive shape to them but they don’t actually look like something you could pull out of the ground, take home and slide your junk in otherwise you’d see these things growing in pots in the window of Every man alive. #4,8,13,14,20 and 22 are all real flowers the rest are obviously photo shopped.


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